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Maros Podstupka

Certified and licensed to provide translation, linguistic services and language tuition.
Registered in the slovak republic under freelance business id 46593527 and tax id 1083789498.

Maros Podstupka - Translation and Linguistic Services


Available language pairs:

Slovak language Slovak arr1 English English language
Czech language Czech arr2 English English language


The standard rate is EUR €0.04 per source word.

The rate is negotiable and it's being calculated from the nature (and proficiency) of text and its volume.
To offer a rate or ask for a quote, please refer to contacts listed on contact page.

please note: for micro projects (under 125 source words) there is billed a minimum fee of eur €5.00 (total).

In case you can recommend this service to another client, please use the contacts to learn in advance
about the possibility of earning a commission.

Member Profiles:  Proz.com TranslatorsCafe.com

Other linguistic services:

Proofreading, editing, quality assessment/review, trascripts, PR, advertisement, creative translation ("transcreation"), Product and service localization incl. adaptation of language and content for specific geografic makret, copywriting. Contact us for more details.

Main Fields of Expertise:

Medicine, pharmaceuticals, IT, marketing, translation of formal and legal documents, product documentation, correspondence with authorities and business correspondence, social work, advertisement, human/social sciences, guides & guidelines, policies and procedures, general business/commercial, accounting statements, arts and entertainment/popular culture.

Translator's Experience:

I work as an independent freelance translator since 2001. Besides translation projects, my services include monolingual linguistic work and language tuition. In the past I have worked as a journalist, an editor and an IT specialist. I have advanced grammar and stylistics which I developed over the years of my journalist practice. As an independent linguist I have succeeded in several linguistic projects in the area of IT, product localization, documentation, media/multimedia, marketing, medical, pharmaceuticals, advertisement, telecommunications, legal and more.

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